About Mule Expedition Equipment

Mule Expedition Equipment was founded in 2004 with a focus on rack systems for Toyotas. The inaugural run for one of the very first rack systems was an expedition from Canada to the tip of South America, which it passed with flying colors. In 2009, Expedition One picked up the Mule product line in the face of difficult economic circumstances with the hopes of keeping it going. The new Mule product line developed by Expedition One is designed to offer more options for quality products at a lower price. After five years of research and development, Expedition One has developed and expanded upon the product line, offering new designs and innovations to enhance the look, function, and capability of your off road vehicle.

About Expedition One

Expedition One is a focus-driven company, specializing in body armor (bumpers, rocker guards) and recovery gear and equipment. As an a off-road equipment manufacturer, Expedition One is dedicated to the development of new, innovative off-road products using the latest in computer-aided drawing and computer numeric controlled systems, to produce authentic, precision parts. Expedition One is a believer in purpose-built design that is tough and durable.  Expedition One products are vehicle specific in design and engineered to offer best fit and top quality. Expedition One is an industry leader in design as evidenced by the numerous imitatiors who often attempt to duplicate our designs; while its been said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, we tend to think that great companies put their time into developing new and better equipment....not knocking off the competitors.

The bottom line? Expedition One is dedicated to building bad-ass equipment that works and lasts.